Greetings from the CEO

      The contribution of the mining and minerals sector to Mongolia's development and sustainable economic growth is enormous, especially by testing laboratories. The results of tests and research works provide you valuable information that can influence your decision-making.


        Our team strives to introduce international standards in its operations, increase the company's competitiveness and value, and become a leading company recognized in the international market.


  Analysis of TavanTolgoi deposit, Nariinsukhait and Aduunchuluun deposits, which have historically been of strategic importance for coal, copper and gold in Mongolia, was carried out according to ASTM International Standard for approval of JORC standards. We are proud to have successfully conducted experiments and research as a team.


      We are grateful to all our Client Companies, Organizations and Individuals who have been leading us in the development of Mongolia's mining and minerals sector for ten years.


We will be your RELIABLE PARTNER - providing a comprehensive service with specialized and competent experience to help our valued customers make the right and rational decisions.



Mongolian Consulting Engineer, Doctor (Ph.D)