Geotechnical research laboratory

        “True TRC” LLC’s “Construction Materials and Geotechnical Research Laboratory” is engaged in the following activities.



Geotechnical study and testing

  • Rock and soil share stregth /slip/
  • Point LoadIndex
  • Uniaxial and triaxialcompressive strength and tensile strength



Geotechnical laboratory analysis


Шинжилгээний төрөл Үзүүлэлт Дээжний хэмжээ
5.12 Kernel (marrow) sample   1
1 sample sawing   1
1 sample polish   1
drill a core sample from the rock   1
Moisture   1
Dense *   1
Single-axis compressive strength   1
Three-axis compressive strength Compressive Strength Test, MPa 1
Young's modulus, kN/mm2
Poisson's ratio
Tensile strength   1
Transition resistance   1
One-point compression index   1
Los Angeles depreciation   1
Fragileness   1