Mineral processing research laboratory

Areas of experimentation and research

  • Comminution test
  • BondImpact Crushing Work Index
  • Bond Abrasion Index
  • Bond Ball Mill WorkIndex
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS)
  • Point Load Test
  • Bench Scale of metallurgical testwork
  • Primary andRefractory Gold Metallurgy /GRG-Leaching Pre-treatment options BIOX, POX, Roasting etc/Gravity gold recovery /GRG/
  • Low and High Intensive dry/wet magnetic and gravity separation of ferrous ore
  • Flotation of sulfides, precious metals and non-sulfides
  • Rare and rare earth ore processing
  • Heavy Liquid Separation /Float Sink Testing/
  • Hydrometallurgical research
  • Bottle Roll Test
  • Column Leach Test
  • Batch AgitatedLeaching (CIL/CIP) Test
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Electrowinning
  • Dewatering
  • Concentrate or tailing settling Test
  • Engineering calculations
  • Mass balance calculation /metal, material balance/
  • Process development/Equipment sizing
  • METSIM modeling



Metallurgical Tests


Type of Test
Sample Preparation
4.1 Crushing 1 kg sample to -3.35mm
Blending and splitting 1 kg sample
Environmental fee for 1 kg sample - reject storage or neutralizing/eliminate
4.2 Screening 1 kg sample size over 3 mm
Screening 1 kg sample size up to 3 mm
4.3 Drying at 60-170оС for an hour
Drying sample 1 kg at 60-105оС for 12-24 hours
4.4 Bond work indices for ball mill
Bond abrasion indices
Bond crushing indices
Grinding kinetics
4.5 Grinding kinetics (per points)
4.6 Grinding 1 kg sample in ball mill
4.7 Rougher /1 kg/
Rougher /2 kg/
Cleaner /not including rougher/
flowsheet development and locked cycle test to be counted by cleaner and grinding stages
Magnetic Separation
4.8 Dry magnetic separation /to 10 kg/
Wet magnetic separation /to 10 kg/
Davis tube per 50 g
4.9 Gravity /10 kg/
Separation by shaking table /1 kg/
Re-Separation by shaking table /1 kg/
Separation by spiral /1 kg/
4.10 Bottle roll testing for 48 hours 0.1-1 kg sample /leaching kinetics at 4 points/
Agitated leaching testing for 48 hours 0.1-1 kg sample /leaching kinetics at 4 points/
Leaching to 0.1 kg sample
Small diam.columns /9 kg sample at size 25 mm/
Intermediate diam.columns /240 kg, size /
Large diam.columns /above 1 tonne size over/
4.11 Reporting
Coal Preparation, Washability
4.12 Coal Screening by Washery plant size /moisture, ash, sulphur/
Float and sink
4.13 Float and sink testing by heavy liquid at size over >1mm
Float and sink <1mm
Coal separation by spiral separator at size 0.2-1mm
Coal flotation at size 0.074-0.2mm



Mineral processing experiments/ work done:

  • Copper ore
  • Tsagaansuvarga copper oxide ore leaching test
  • Tsagaansuvarga copper oxidized ore flotation test
  • 21st century
  • Tsagaansuvarga copper oxide ore electrolysis test
  • Hyperleach leaching test in Tsagaansuvarga flotation concentrate
  • Lockedcycle flotation test on OyuTolgoi concentrator feedsample
  • Metallurgical testing of future concentrator feed samples at Erdenetmine
  • Locked cycle column leach test on sample from 8A and 12th stockpile copper ore of Erdenet mine
  • Bench flotation testing of copper sulfide and oxidized ore samples from Hatavch
  • Bench flotation testing on copper sulfides sample from Tsagaan del
  • Graphite
  • Jargalant, Chuluut, SuujUul, Khuld, Urkhut, UndurshiliinBalchuluun ore bench flotation test
  • Shale
  • Huutii shale distillation test
  • Iron
  • Magnetic separation test on iron ore samples fromTumurtolgoi, Tumurtei, Tayannuur, Bayantsogt, Argalant, ZuunTsagaankhoshuu, Songinokhangai, Bargilt, Erveekhoshuu, Naranbulagby ALGT LLC and Bayanmunkhtolgoi deposits of
  • Zeolite
  • Zeolitetesting and crusher sizing forTsagaantsav deposit
  • Tungsten
  • Bench scale testing on tungsten samples from SayrinUkhaa, KharChuluut and Bayankhongor
  • Chromite
  • Bench scale testing on Polymetal oreby Legend Mines LLC
  • Polymetal
  • Polymetalore bench scale testing fromTsogt-Undur deposit
  • Limestone
  • KhukhTsav lime flotation testing
  • Gold
  • Gravity gold recovery bench scale testing on samples from Khushuut, Asgat, Zaamar, Force gold LLC placer gold deposits
  • Refractory gold metallurgical test on samples from Khartolgoi deposit Gobi-Altai
  • Gold metallurgical test on quartz and quartz-sulfide sample fromEreen-Baavgait deposit, Umnugoviaimag
  • Gold column leaching test at Boroo, Naranbulag and TsagaanOvoot deposits
  • Gold GRG-Leaching on primary gold sample fromthree orebodies of KharmagtaiCu-Au deposit
  • Locked cycle column leach test on gold oxides sample from three orebodies of KharmagtaiCu-Au deposit
  • Bench Gold-silver metallurgical testing on sample fromSalkhit gold and silver deposit
  • Flourite
  • Bench scale flotationtesting of fluorspar ore samples from Ulziit-Ukhaa, Khutul-Ulaan, Haitan, Chuluut, Khongor, Monzech, Urgun, TsagaanElgen and Khavtsal deposits
  • Nickel
  • Nickel metallurgical bench scale testing on samples from nickel occurrence in ShuvuuTolgoi and KhuuvurKhudag
  • Sand
  • Sand processing test on samples fromChargatUul and DenjiinElsdeposits
  • Sand washing spiral classifier sizing for DenjiinEls deposit, samplingand optimizationof process mode
  • Rare earth elements
  • Rare earth elemental testing on ash and argillite sample fromEldev coal mine and lithium flotation test at various deposits
  • Gypsum
  • Gypsum washability test of Shireet valley deposit
  • Zinc
  • Bench Flotation and Magnetic separation test on Zinc-magnethite samplefromErdene-Undur deposit
  • Coal
  • Zuunbulag, Nariinsukhait, Aduunchuluun, Chinggis's black gold, Javkhlant, Khotgorshanaga, Tal Bulag, Khuut, BiluutJargalant, Dalan, Chandgana, Noyon-Uul 2, OvootTolgoi, BulagSuuj LLC, Project Mining LLC, Stein Coal LLC, Dornogobilignite
  • Crushing and grinding testingof ore
  • Bond Abrasion test on samples from Tsagaansuvarga, Erdenet mine 8A, 12th stockpile, three ore bodies from Kharmagtai
  • Bond Impact Crusher Test on samples from Tsagaansuvarga, Erdenet mine 8A, 12th stockpile, three ore bodies from Kharmagtai
  • Bond ball mill work index test on samples fromTsagaansuvarga, Khatsavch, ZuunTsagaankhoshuuChuluut, Khongor, Urgun, Kharmagtai
  • Inspectionand sampling at plant testing
  • Operational inspection at grinding circuitofAutoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant of Mongolyn Alt LLC
  • Inspectionand optimization work of sand washing line of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant of Mongolyn Alt LLC
  • Sampling of semi-automatic grinding circuitof concentrator of Erdenet Copper mine
  • Plant Testing and inspection on 10,000 tons sample “Nariinsukhait” coal concentrator of Berun Group, China
  • Plant scale testing on sample/20 000 tons/ from“Nariinsukhait” coal mine at washery plantof ChinghuaCorp, China
  • Training for factory operators and laboratory assistants
  • Crusher, conveyor operator training
  • cement plant operator training
  • Training for cement plant operators
  • Training for laboratory assistants of Nariinsukhait coal mine site laboratory
  • Training short course for OyuTolgoi Metallurgical Lab engineers about Bond Ball Mill Work Index Test
  • Training course Chemical assay on fluorite sample
  • Concentrator operator training course